On the 20th anniversary
of Paskali's death, (2005) his daughter, Floriana, published the 3-volume book "For Paskali, from Paskali."

The book has 450 pages
and includes: Thoughts
and opinions on Paskali;
Paskali's essays and thoughts about his life as an artist.

"Traces of Life",

an autobiographical book was published in 1985. The book was edited by the state from the artist's original version.

The book is divided in
three parts:
1. Autobiography
2. Essays
3. Sculpture Works

The National Art Gallery
of Albania published this catalog in 1980 in two languages, Albanian
and English.

In 1983, the catalog was published again in honor of
his 80th birthday. This time  more works were added to the catalog and a French edition became available
as well.

"My Soul Revived" 
810 philosophical essays created from 1922-1985. The book was first introduced to the public during the Paskali exhibit in the National Historical Museum
in January 2009.

"Best of Paskali" was published in March 2010. The catalogue includes a variety of works such as monuments, portraits, reliefs, and medallions as well as Paskali's biography.