Thoughts and opinions
on Odhise Paskali and his work by critics and personalities in Albania and elsewhere


“Paskali in his sculpture reflects a special sense of design, revealing a thoughtful conception in his work which accommodates technical reality to the interior sensitivity of inspiration”.

Veronese, Italy

“Paskali has given Albania most interesting works of art, which reflect agreeable emotions and an original, infectious idiosyncracy”.

Newspaper "Il Giornale d’ Italia," Italy.

“Paskali’s works signal the powerful explosion of the new Albanian sculpture”.

History of Albania, Éditions Horvath, France.

“Odhise Paskali is the foundation stone of Albanian sculpture. His works, above all the monumental ones, have enriched the Albanian world and culture with aesthetic values and have stirred patriotic feelings and the loftiest virtues in several generations”.

History of Albanian Art, Tirana, Albania

“Odhise Paskali holds a place of honour, thus ensuring his immortality as a creator”.

Newspaper "Alternativa," Albania

“On the 90th anniversary of Odhise Paskali’s birth his work acquires greater brilliance, as an indisputable cultural asset of the nation”.

Newspaper "Zeri i Popullit," Albania.

“The National Fighter”, Skanderbeg’s bust and “The Standard-bearer” of Vlorë remain not only masterpieces by this artist but pinacles of Albanian art”.

Newspaper "Rilindja Demokratike," Albania

“Odhise Paskali was a true eagle in the skies of Albanian art. A famous artist with an inner belief in realism, he created great works which belong in the treasure-house of Albanian riches”.

Professor Alfred Uci, Albania

“A distinguished representative of Albanian art and culture, whose work will remain an exampleof inspiration and high performance”.

Newspaper “Drita”, Albania

“Odhise Paskali is a great honor to his country and our culture”.

Professor Androkli Kostallari, Albanian Academician

“We have in any case to say that some of his sculptures today are real masterpieces”.

Ibrahim Kodra, Italy

“O. Paskali’s work is closely  tied to the creation of a realistic national sculpture”.

History of Albania, Tirana, Albania

“A sculptor of great inspiration”.

Newspaper Romania Literata, Roumania

“A master of the plastic form, Odhise Paskali has ensured an important place for himself in the first rank of the most famous sculptors in our time”

Newspaper "Rilindja," Kosovo

“Odhise Paskali is the first important sculptor in Albanian art with monumental and realistic works”.

Albanian Encyclopedia, Tirana, Albania

“Odhise Paskali’s exhibition, which has been organised within the framework of cultural exchanges with our neighbouring country Albania, has a special significance for us since the the artist, as he himself says, ‘expresses himself' correctly and more completely for the reason that he acquired both a Greek and a Latin education. Looking at the creations of Odhise Paskali, artist, sage and scholar, we experience emotions which bring us closer to a Balkan people, because in the history of the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula we encounter similar conditions for mutual respect and understanding which lead us towards a peaceful coexistence and distance us from the fear of catastrophe”.

Melina Merkouri, Greece

(on the occasion of the Athens exhibition in 1987)
“Paskali’s sculptures, based on his belief in mankind, are full of joy and animation. He expresses his ideas about art
with clarity and beauty”.

Nikos Zorianidis, Greece

“A great artist possessed of a considerable power of expression and plasticity, which single him out as a sculptor of truly monumental works”.

Georgos Mengoulas, Greece

“Odhise Paskali possesses the soul and thinking to create works with unrepeatable ethnic originality and a universal spirit and worth”.

Dritero Agolli, Albanian poet

“How rich is Odhise Paskali’s life in inspiration and achievement! How rich a life to admire and emulate, to take pleasure and pride in and to love!

Professor Aleks Buda, Albanian Academician

“The work he has left us and which constitutes a rare treasure will ever be hailed as among the most precious in Albanian art”.

Professor Dhimiter Shuteriqi, Albanian writer

“In its realistic plasticity, often freely modelled, which is occasionally crossed with the tranquility of Classical harmony, Paskali’s sculpture, sometimes romantic, sometimes thoughtful, possesses a monumental and dramatic grandeur”.

The Dictionary of Art, London

“A pioneer and well-known representative of Albanian art”.

Ferid Hudri, Albanian art critic